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Company Profile

Our former company, IZUMIYA(Too) was established in 1919 as artists’ supplier. The year 2009 is 90 years anniversary of IZUMIYA(Too), and as of February 2, 2009, we have come to new establishment of company called “TOOLS INTERNATIONAL Corporation” as a result that our company has integrated sections that mainly sell the series of clay, modeling materials, equipments, design materials, school teaching materials, and hold workshops.

Our company specializing in the product design field including the car design makes the best use of accumulating knowhow to provide the necessary materials and service that correspond in the age promptly.

We produce and supply our original products, which are supported by the users and share users, comments and requests with not only sales division but also R&D and Quality Control division. We will continue research & development and make an effort on improving our products. We not only approach advanced automotive design regions of USA and Europe, but also in particular, high growth developing expectation of Asian region especially such as China and India. Our approach is highly regarded by automotive manufacturers and model studios of each countries.

Why TOOLS INT’L Industrial Clay is chosen

For automotive makers, making a clay model is an essential process for design review. Industrial clay started being used in the U.S, and now it has become a necessary product for most of automotive makers in the world for design process. Industrial Clay has a characteristic which becomes soft as it is warmed up and becomes hard at room temperature. Because of this characteristic, it is easy to apply and cut both by machine and by hand. This product is suitable for reviewing and refining styling process of automotive makers.

Our Industrial Clay was born in order to fulfill detailed requests from Japanese automotive makers. Earlier we supplied imported clay, but in order to respond various requests from many automotive makers, we decided to produce made in Japan Industrial clay since 1981. Because our Industrial Clay is 100% chemical composed clay, we can supply our clay with consistency quality, which does not have much expansion/shrinkage and shape remains stable. Nowadays, we have expanded areas of activity not only domestically but also Asia, America, Europe, and other emerging regions.

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