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Epoxy & polyurethane resin in liquid and solid form for model, mould and prototype making.

First market where our company’s been dealing for 50 years , getting experienced in formulating epoxy & polyurethane resin in liquid and solid form, such as :

  • Epoxy & polyurethane gelcoat for model and mould making
  • Epoxy & polyurethane resin for casting model, mould and prototype
  • Fast casting polyurethane resin for model and prototype
  • Epoxy resin for wet lay up laminating for room temperature mould and high temperature
  • Fibre glass laminating epoxy paste
  • Machine applied epoxy paste for CNC large model making
  • Polyurethane rubber for flexible mould, for case moulds ceramic sanitaryware and prototype
  • Poliaddition and policondensation cure silicone rubber for flexible mould
  • Acrylic resin “Plasticrete” and “Plastifloor” for tool making and architectural elements and coating
  • Tooling board and block having different density for CNC model, master model, Foundry pattern, checking fixture and mould and tool.
  • Thermal resistant calibrated sheet wax to increase thickness model
  • Release agent and sealer
  • Mineral and metal filler
  • Glass fabrics for laminating mould and tool